Elias Meister

Born in 1983 in Munich (Germany) guitarist Elias Meister returned to his hometown in 2015 after studying and working in the US for a few years. His numerous interests in different styles and ways of expression have led him to perform in a broad variety of musical settings. He leads his own groups ranging from Experimental Rock (Spacepilot) and Rock-infused Jazz (Elias Meister's Miracle Box) to Contemporary Jazz (Elias Meister Quartet) and beyond. He is an integral member of the engaging Rock band Mon Khmer and the Elektro-Pop group Bowmont. In 2014 he co-founded the live House and Techno collective N/UM. Furthermore he is freelancing for different singer/songwriter projects and pop singers, in a variety of Traditional and Contemporary Jazz settings and performing music for modern dance companies.  He also composed and produced Pop music for movies by the major German production company 'Bavaria Film'.

Some of the notable Jazz players that Elias Meister has recorded and/or shared the stage with include George Garzone, Ben Street, Seamus Blake, Kevin Hays, Leo Genovese and Carlos Bica. He has performed all over the US and Europe as well as in Chile and Brazil. His albums, recorded and/or mixed by multiple Grammy-awarded engineers Jeremy Loucas and Elliot Scheiner, have been lauded by the international press: 'Daring & Playful' ★★★★ Downbeat, 'Postbob with Rock attitude' NYC Jazz Record, 'Intelligent... powerful and sensitive' Jazzpodium.

Elias Meister holds a 'summa cum laude' Bachelor's Degree from the Berklee College of Music, which he attended as a scholarship student from 2003 to 2007.

The palette of sounds which Elias Meister is utilizing is vast: from the intricacy of Classical and Brazilian finger-picking over Jazz and sonic Improvisations to powerful Rock playing and heavily effected sounds using various electric, nylon and steel string guitars. Being open to new kinds of music and ways of creating sound with the guitar has always been an important part of his artistic strive and he continues to expand his musical means of expression.



january 2013 | DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE | Brad Farberman

“One of the thrills of Open for Business... is in watching Elias Meister as he morphs from track to track. Daring & Playful!” ★★★★

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june 2013  |  JAZZPODIUM  |   Alexander Schmitz

“It is impossible to pin down his playing to one style ... Elias Meister has a lot to talk about thanks to his incredibly broad musical interests and activities. The release of his new album Open for Business was the reason to ask him for a transatlantic interview.”

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December 2012  |  new york city Jazz Record   |   tom greenland

Open for Business [is] a genre-bender delivering postbop with rock attitude. The group's music ... is both intelligent and accessible.”

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july 2011  |  jazzpodium   |  alexander schmitz

“His playing, his group, his jazz possess character, good style and energy. [Elias Meister's Illumi's Journey is] intelligent ... powerful and sensitive.”

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may 2011  |  spiegel online  |  katarina finke

“The mix of people who come to New York to create something has always fascinated me ... the music scene here is incomparable.”

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Duro,  2016

Exophonia | Vinyl
EM, 2016

Elias Meister
Elias Meister's
Miracle Box

EM, 2013

Elias Meister &
Pancho Molina
Open For Business
EMPM, 2012

Elias Meister
Illumi's Journey
Konnex, 2011

Elias Meister &
Rita Maria
Simple Waltz
limited ed. release, 2010




Euphorian Age | Vinyl

Mon Khmer

Mon Khmer

Mon Khmer
Mon Khmer | Vinyl
Daily Vinyl, 2010




Hier kommt Lola
Jumbo, 2010

Die Wilden Huehner und das Leben
Jumbo, 2009

Die Wilden Huehner und ihre Songs
Jumbo, 2009

Summertime Blues
Goya, 2009

Die Wilden Huehner
Sony, 2006

Europa, 2006