december 2012 |  new york city Jazz record   |   tim Greenland

Open for Business
Pancho Molina/Elias Meister

EMPM 001

Chile, spanning South America's southwest coast, supports a thriving jazz scene in Santiago's Bellavista neighborhood and has spawned dynamic artist such as those described below.

Drummer Francisco 'Pancho' Molina, from Concepcion, veteran of Chilean rock supergroup Los Tres, teams up with Munich-born guitarist Elias Meister on the self-produced Open for Business, a genre-bender delivering postbop with rock attitude. Joined by tenor saxist George Garzone, keyboardist Leo Genovese and bassist Ben Street, the group's music, all composed by Molina or Meister, is both intelligent and accessible, recalling Tribal Tech or Steve Kahn's Eyewitness. Molina's backbeat is heavier and harder than standard jazz fare yet retains sensitivity and flow while Meister's gently overdriven tone colors chunky strums and edgy but tasteful leads. Garzone is feisty on 'Ulises', subdued and lyrical on 'Bedstuy Facilities' and outward bound on 'Samurai Tale' while Genovese's fleet, flexible touch effects chameleonic textural shifts on 'Time Traveller'.



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