The Magellanic Cloud

Elias Meister guitar
Leo Genovese keys
Joe Hertenstein drums

SPACEPILOT live at Nublu, 2015

Elias Meister
Mind Folk

Seamus Blake sax
Elias Meister guitar
Kevin Hays piano
Peter Slavov bass
Pancho Molina drums

Live at Subculture, 2013. From the album Elias Meister's Miracle Box

The Making of
'Open For Business'

George Garzone sax
Elias Meister guitar
Leo Genovese keys
Ben Street bass
Pancho Molina drums

'Open for business' recorded at Sear Sound Studio, 2011.  Video by Russell Cramer


Emil Bovbjerg vocals guitar
Elias Meister guitar
Jeremy Loucas sampler synth
Jesse Barnes bass
Dave Cole drums

Bowmont live at Danbro Studios, 2012. Video by Russell Cramer.


Elias Meister
Illumi's Journey

Rita MariA vocal
Elias Meister guitar
Gordon Au cornet
Daniel Ori bass
Ziv Ravitz drums

Illumi's Journey live at Local 269, 2011. 

Mon Khmer

Hammarsing Kharhmar vocals, guitar
Elias Meister guitar
Matthew Scheiner bass
Dave Cole drums

Mon Khmer live at Glasslands, 2010. Popgun CMJ Showcase. Film by Giovanni P Autran.


Elias Meister

Here's a little video to a song of mine 2013

Elias Meister vocals, guitar, wurlitzer


Claudine Eriksson

Original music by
Elias Meister

Songs by
Mon Khmer


Short film by Claudine Eriksson